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Florida is an attractive auto transport destination, due to the fact that it has such diverse inhabitants as well as a high concentration people, particularly along the east shoreline. It ranks 4th in the country in total population and 8th in total population density, making it one of the most popular auto transport locations in the entire country. Some of the state‚Äôs 18.3 million people are now living in the Miami metro area, which is the single largest inside of the state. Different from most locations in Florida, Miami itself is very small, with only 413,000 residents, but its metro area reaches 110 miles north-to-south, covering 250 rectangular kilometers. In fact its’s an extremely thin line of land to go from the Ocean to discovering the Everglades, plus in some counties it is less than five miles east-to-west. This only adds to the popularity of the area, however, as it makes it extremely easy for auto transporters to get into and out of many areas, as the entire metropolitan area of Miami sits along I-95.

Parkway 114 is the leading north-south throughway in The state of Florida, running roughly from Miami proper towards the Canadian boundary at the top of Maine. Though there is a long stretch in the Carolina’s and southern Virginia that sees few major metro areas along the way, I-95 is a crucial corridor from the northern states down to Florida, particularly towards the end of summer and into the start of fall when the snowbird shippers start coming out in force. Many transporters will run down I-95 and its western neighbor, I-75, which runs on the other side of the Appalachian Mountains through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and into Indiana and Illinois. Both of those interstates are major routes to the cities in Florida and popular routes as well, at least for car transporters, as they pass through areas of high population quite frequently. Shipping into Florida will generally be more expensive when shipping to cities within the central and northern parts of the state, though perhaps less so north as Interstate 10 runs along the northern border all the way to Jacksonville.

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