Jason Says…

January 11, 2015 3:45 pm Published by

First let me state that while I consider the service on the high side of average, I am saying that as a good thing. It seems that many in this industry offer below average service, which is unfortunate. All the more reason that I am a happy customer.

I have seen a lot of horror stories when I started researching auto transportation. The primary industry complaints are poor communication, lack of promptness on pickup or never picking up, and poor vehicle handling. Let me address those three:

1) Don communicated pretty well with me. He wasn’t always right back to me, but within a couple days I usually had an answer, and boy did I ask a lot of questions, so thanks for that. He did pretty much disappear during the holidays (Xmas/New Years), though he said he “might” be available, but I don’t hold that against him. Everyone needs some time off, and the previous answers to my questions got me along. Once the transporter was booked, he promptly sent me the contact info for the transporter, so I could contact them directly with any issues. 2) My pickup date was scheduled for the first two operating days after New Years, so I was a little worried because I had not heard from him over the past couple weeks. Nevertheless, the trucker did pick up on the second scheduled day. He was a bit late, and I thanked my friend for staying an hour late to meet the trucker, but he was there, as promised. I did receive some very low bids from a couple of other companies, well below what most were charging. You have to remember that the transporter and the arrangement company are different. If you go with one of these lowballers, the reviews said, the arrangement company would have a hard time finding a trucker willing to work for so little, and you ran the high risk of not getting your cars picked up, ever. So I didn’t do that, and instead spent a couple hundred dollars more on a company that had some good reviews out there. 3) The vehicles were handled by Tot Transport. The driver did a fine job. There were some dirty hand prints, but I expect that from a guy who has to handle vehicles and straps and hydraulics all day. He could not get one of my cars to start, but he got it on and off the trailer anyway and was not upset with me that I could tell. No scratches, dents, dings, chips, or the like.

In the end, I had two vehicles moved for $1,050 from FL to TX, so that’s pretty decent in my book. They were moved promptly and with little worry, arrived quickly, and no damage was present. Thanks to Don Tackett at U-First and the driver from Tot Transport for taking good care of me and my two vehicles. With all of the horror stories out there, I will definitely be calling Don at U-First again for my next move, whenever that may be.

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