Route: Portland, OR to Houston, TX

March 13, 2015 4:58 pm Published by

When we plan a trip, we typically will choose the route that will get us to our destination the quickest. While this is the best way for the majority of people; auto shipping companies must choose their routes based on the ability to profit from the routes they ship cars to and from. This generally means avoiding picking up or dropping off in rural areas, avoiding routes that travel through rural areas and avoiding those without major cities.

If traveling/moving from the west coast across the United States, it is much quicker to fly to your destination and let an auto shipping company do the work, and ship your car to you. I bet you didn’t know that if you have a car you want to ship from a major city, such as Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, or any of the surrounding larger cities, UFirst Auto Transport can actually pick your car(s) up same day or next day, which will get your vehicle to its destination faster. Having your car shipped will save you time and wear and tear on your vehicle.

If you have decided to ship your car from Portland, OR or any of the surrounding larger cities, you can save some money by having your car shipped to a larger city that’s not in West Virginia, nor requires traveling through WV. These are just some tips to help you save money on auto transportation from Portland, OR or any of the larger surrounding cities. Call UFirst Auto Transport today and we’ll provide you with a free quote from a top rated auto transport company that puts U first!!

Why you can trust UFirst to ship your car:

Exceptional Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representatives are always on hand to assist you with transporting your vehicle. From pickup to delivery, we truly put U First.

Preferred Carriers: UFirst Auto Transport has built exclusive relationships with our drivers so that we can accommodate all US routes and can better serve our clients with no limitations.

Our drivers are Licensed by the FMCSA, fully insured and A-rated with the national board.

Dealing with a large network of carriers, UFirst Auto Transport has chosen the best haulers in the industry. All insurance information can be provided, upon request, prior to picking your vehicle up. You are also entitled to a full inspection of your vehicle upon pickup and delivery to ensure that your vehicle is delivered in the condition it is picked up in.

No Up Front Deposit

Unlike many other Auto Transport companies, UFirst Auto Transport will not charge any deposit until we confirm an auto carrier for your vehicle.

Not only does UFirst have the best customer service in this industry, we also offer many different types of discounts for our clients.

  • United States Military
  • Coast Guards
  • Law Enforcement
  • Firemen
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
  • Monthly Special
  • Customer Referrals

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