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Same Day or Next Day Pickup is available when Shipping a Car from Seattle to New York

New York City is clearly the greatest city in the state of New York and, in truth, the largest in the United States; Seattle, on the other hand, is the largest city in the state of Washington and in the Pacific Northwest region. Positioned over 3,000 miles apart from one another, driving a car from one to the other is going to take time, as much as two weeks depending on the route. New York City isn’t a transport-friendly location, most notably Manhattan – most auto transport companies will make you meet them outside the city limits or alternatively at some place they will be able to conveniently access. It will be much the same in Seattle, however, as it’s a great deal more open than New York City it isn’t as challenging to find an area you can meet the auto transport truck at. Mainly because these are two sizeable cities; they are definitely popular as auto transport origination or destinations, which means auto transport company availability should be reasonably high throughout the warmer parts of the year.

Perhaps the quickest way for an auto transport carrier to get from New York City to Seattle could be to use I-80/I-90, which they can get on virtually right outside the city. Trekking through northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania into Ohio, the route passes through a few of the most well-known northern cities in the United States with the inclusion of Cleveland, Toledo, Chicago, and Madison. The eastern portion of I-80/I-90 uses an identical route, but instead I-90 turns north near Rockford, Illinois and heads into Wisconsin, where it veers east again to head into South Dakota. This specific stretch is what makes transportation from New York City to Seattle more costly – there are few areas that auto transport companies can drop off and pickup new shipments in, which means long stretches of driving without getting paid – for much longer than they’re comfortable with. Through the winter months the trek can be all the more dangerous, due to the fact that snow and ice are common in the northern states from about late November, which can last clear into March if the weather’s bad enough. Many auto transport companies will alter their roads of travel to accommodate new loads and the like, so ensure that you do speak to your carrier regarding the route they plan on taking and how that will affect your transit time. For more information on shipping a car from New York to Seattle you can call us toll-free at 866-877-2080, and if you’re attempting to get free shipping quotes you can fill out our online quote form to get ten free quick quotes.

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